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And it's very popular. Henan, Sichuan, Guangdong and many other places in China have been unearthed.
Dinosaur eggs are abundant in fake fossils of paleontology. The price of all kinds of fake dinosaur eggs on the market is very high. Fake dinosaur eggs mainly include:
First, the pebbles in the river bed are generally chosen to be smooth in size, and then glued to them some broken and fallen dinosaur eggshells. In Xixia County of Henan Province in the early 1990s, when dinosaur eggs were unearthed in large quantities, people did not want those eggshells that had fallen off, as long as they were large and complete. Later, these eggshells were picked up or purchased at low prices by people with ulterior motives. This kind of pseudo-dinosaur eggs had discontinuous fragmentation width and gradual change between the fragmented eggshell and the fragmented eggshell. The curve and bending of the fragments were not natural. There were obvious discrepancies between the local and internal pebbles of the eggshell, and most of them had the phenomenon of "warping". At the junction of broken eggshells, red soil is usually used to fill them. After long-term placement, some eggshells will fall off automatically, and the pebbles inside will be clearly seen.
2. Make up the incomplete dinosaur eggs, such as two half of the similar dinosaur eggs to form a complete egg fossil. Cover the bonding area with broken dinosaur eggskin, and finally smear the cracks with red earth. Many families in Xixia County of Henan Province have this kind of patchwork and bonded dinosaur eggs, each of which is not less than 200 yuan. It is often seen that the egg fossil has a whole crack, the surface of which is not consistent.
3. Calcium nodules containing calcium carbonate are often seen in the stratum. These nodules often fall into rivers. Mud and sand particles adhere to the surface. When the river dries up, these round nodules with sand on the surface appear. In the middle of the broken nodules, black or red halo circles can also be seen, which people mistakenly think are left by egg yolk. Traces of coming. The difference between real dinosaur eggs and real ones is that real eggs have smooth skin and even cracks. The stone eggs give the impression of dinosaur eggs with egg nuclei left.
Fourth, using real dinosaur eggs to make molds, then using gypsum and cement and other materials, coupled with real stone base, the simulation results are often very good. There are more than a dozen such eggs in a single nest, such as a dozen eggs, which can be counterfeited. Recognition method is: the skin of eggs is different, the cracks of the fake eggs are not natural, and the unique break pattern of the real dinosaur eggs can not be made in the process of turning over, only the concave and convex parts of the eggshell can be shown. Real eggs can be found in the cracks of the eggshell. Layering of the eggshell can be found in real eggs. The contact area between the false eggs and the base is usually bonded with gypsum and cement. The cracks or extruded bonds are often found. The color of the bond can be removed by gently wiping with a wet cloth.
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